Zoho CRM - Whatsapp Integration


Send and receive WhatsApp messages to Contacts, Leads and Accounts modules.

Multiple Number:

Configure multiple number.

Conversational View:

Track the conversation history in
Conversational view.

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Languages Supported:

Native languages supported.

Setting Up

1. Install the plugin from Zoho CRM Marketplace listings

2. Accept the Terms of Service and authorize integration to access and process datail.


1. Enter your login credentials to authorize both Zoho CRM and WhatsApp (Twilio account with the SID and Auth Token)  accounts.

2. After successful authorisation , go to your Zoho CRM page and find WhatsApp 

Configure Phone Number

1. The complete installation follows with configuring WhatsApp enabled Twilio Phone numbers.
2. All WhatsApp messages are sent from this number.

Sending / Receiving Messages

1. From the Contacts, Leads and Accounts module, we can send and receive messages by clicking "Send WhatsApp Messages" button. 
2. This opens a pop up where the user has to select the From Number (which we configure /add after authorization) from the drop down. The conversations so far between the selected Twilio number and the contact's Phone number will be loaded below in the conversation area. 

Conversation View

1. By selecting the From number in the show conversation widget, we could see all the sent and received messages in the window along with the delivery receipt of sent messages.  
Delivery Status: The delivery starus will be one among Undeliverd/ Sent/ Delivered/ Read/ Failed.

Usage   of   buttons   in   conversation   window