Vimeo for Zoho Desk

Keep-Track of Comments:

Video comments can be added as tickets in Zoho Desk.

Instant reply:

Agents can reply through Zoho Desk

On-Track with updates:

Comment replies will be added to the corresponding ticket as a thread


Agents' replies will be added as threads to the existing tickets.

Setting Up

1. Install the plugin from Zoho Desk Marketplace listings

2. Select Profiles & Department to which you need to install

3. Authorize the Zoho Desk And Vimeo Accounts.

Selecting Vimeo Channels and Videos

1. In the Preference Tab, Select Channels.

2. Then, Select Videos to get Tickets in Zoho Desk.

3. Finally, Save the Selected Videos.

Ticket and Thread Created

1. Every 4 minutes you can get tickets for new comments

2. And Replies will create as Threads.

3. Up to 1000 tickets and threads are created every 4 minutes time interval

Ticket Detail View

1. Comment created as a Ticket.

2. Reply created as Thread.

3. In the right panel, we get details and link to that Video.