Zoho Desk - Viber

SMS and MMS messaging:

SMS and MMS Inbound and Outbound Support

Tickets and threads concepts:

Tickets and threads concepts implementation for SMS/MMS

Incoming messages:

Incoming messages will be created as new tickets inside Zoho Desk

Intersted ? contact for Early access help@oapps.xyz

Viber from Zoho Desk:

Send direct replies to any Viber from Zoho Desk

Setting Up

1. Choose Department where the SMS to be converted as Ticket

2. Choose channel name as SMS or choose your own name

3. Choose the Profile to access.

4. Agree Terms and conditions

5. Click Install

Authorize for Viber

1. Authorize both Zoho Desk and Viber.


1. Go to Preference tab
2. Specify the Viber Api Key from your viber account.
3. Click Save

Viber App in Mobile

1. To join the Viber bot, please go to viber app in mobile and in top right corner their will be QR code scan option. By scanning the Viber bot's QR code, enduser can able to send messages to Viber bot. Connect the Viber bot with Zoho Desk and enjoy the extension.

Direct Replies

1. Send direct replies to any Viber from Zoho Desk