Zoho CRM - Twilio SMS Integration

Easily connect :

Easily connect Twilio inside Zoho CRM

Twilio SMS communication:

Enable the Twilio SMS communication without leaving ZohoCRM page.

Automatically loads:

Automatically loads contact data into Twilio Send SMS form.

Intersted ? contact for Early access help@oapps.xyz

Delivery status:

Instant delivery status.

Setting Up

1. Install the plugin from Zoho CRM Marketplace listings

2. Authorize both ZohoCRM and Twilio Services.

Sent Twilio SMS Button

1. Click on the Send SMS -Twilio , this will redirect to Send SMS form

Send SMS

1. Phone numbers pre-filled popup will be open.
2. Enter your message and click Send button.

Leads / Accounts /Deals / Contacts module

1. Send SMS -Twilio button will be actionable in List View Page/Detail View Page and Record View Page in all Leads/Accounts/Deals/Contacts module