Zoho Desk - Twilio SMS Integration

SMS and MMS Inbound and Outbound Support: 

Enjoy unlimited inbound & outbound SMS and MMS messaging services.

Hassel free Outbound Messaging:

SMS Outbound Message Initiator to message any contact anytime.

Intelligent Processor:

AI in creating Tickets or Threads

On-Track system:

Instant Acknowledgement Support with customizable Message.


1. Sign up for a Twilio account.

2. Make a note of your Account SID and Auth Token unique to your Twilio account.

3. Purchase Twilio phone number to be used for SMS. You can purchase a number under the Numbers tab of your Twilio account.

Setting Up 

1. Choose Department where the SMS to be converted as Ticket

2. Choose channel name as SMS or choose your own name

3. Choose the Profile to access

4. Agree Terms and conditions

5. Click Install


1. Go to Preference tab
2. Specify the Account SID from your Twilio account.
3. Specify the Auth Token from your Twilio account.
4. Click Save

Setup SMS Configuration

1. Select the Twilio number from the Phone Number drop-down list.
2. Choose Acknowledgement reply if needed
3. Enter your Acknowledgement text to send to your customer
4. Click Save


1. Authorize Zoho Desk