SugarCRM for Zoho Projects


Associate projects of SugarCRM with Zoho Projects

Increase opportunities:

Map SugarCRM Modules in Zoho Projects

Grow your contacts:

Create SugarCRM Projects from Zoho Projects


Create SugarCRM Tasks from Zoho Projects

Setting Up

1. Install the plugin from Zoho Desk Marketplace listings

2. Select the Portal

3. Select Projects and Accessibility for Users and Profiles

Authorize Zoho Projects

1. Authorize the SugarCRM Zoho Projects.

Authorize SugarCRM Projects

1. Give SugarCRM Domain URL, User Name, Password of SugarCRM Project.

2. Authorization os SugarCRM done here.

Select Modules

1. Select the SugarCRM modules,which need to be displayed in Zoho Projects.

Mapping Projects

1. Finally, Mapping the SugarCRM projects with Zoho Projects.

Listing  Data

1. We can view the SugarCRM modules data in Zoho Projects.

2. We can change the status from Zoho Projects to SugarCRM.