Pipedrive-Twilio Integration

Easy SMS:

Receive and send SMS text just in few clicks.

Record Keeping:

Text logs are recorded under notes.

Individual Messaging:

SMS sent from all Deals, Contacts, Organisation modules.

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Get instant delivery reports.

Setting up 

1. Install the plugin from Pipedrive.
2. Click enable button to authorize.
3. Authorize Twilio.
4. Click the Complete Installation button.

Add Phone Number 

1. Click AddPhone button.
2. Save Twilio Phone number with Friendly Name.
3. Select the number from the drop down.
4. Add more numbers using the same Add Phone Number flow.

Select Contact

1. After successfully adding numbers go to the Pipedrive page.
2. In the Contact/Deal detail view page click the sendTwilioSMS button in the app panel.

Send SMS

1. Select the From Number from the dropdown.
2. To number automatically pre-filled with selected contact/deal.
3. Enter the message body to send.
4. Click send button to send SMS.
5. +Add Number button is used to add more numbers from your Twilio configuration page

Notes Entry

1. Inbound and Outbound messages will be added as Notes under each record.