Phone Verifier for Zoho CRM

Validate the  number :

Validate the Phone number on one click.

Intuitive UI :

Intuitive UI representation

Valid Format :

Phone number validation for correct
format number

Intersted ? contact for Early access

Extra Info :

Defines and sets the Country field by
phone number

Setting Up

1. Install the plugin from Zoho CRM Marketplace listings

2. Authorize ZohoCRM Service.

Phone Verifier Button

1. Click on the Phone Verifier Button , to know the Phone number authenticity.

Authenticity Report

1. This extension automatically verifies the authenticity of phone numbers.
2. The extension works with the standard Zoho CRM modules.
3. An easy one click Phone Verifier.

Leads / Accounts /Deals / Contacts module

1. Send SMS -Phone Verifier - OAppS button will be actionable in List View Page/Detail View Page and Record View Page in all Leads/Accounts/Deals/Contacts module