Zoho CRM - Monday.com Integration

Multi-module Sync:

Syncs multiple modules from Zoho CRM into Monday.com and vice versa.

Multi-sync options:

Auto syncs every 60 minutes and has an option for manual synchronization.


Offers one-way and two-way sync with user-selected master service.
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Simple and user-friendly, efficient and time-saving.

Setting Up

1. Install the plugin from Zoho CRM Marketplace listings

2. By clicking the box, you are providing your consent to our Terms&Conditions and Privacy Policy.

3. Click Enable button to setup synchronization.


1. Enter your login credentials to authorize both Zoho CRM and Monday.com accounts.

Steps to access Monday.com API token

1. Log into your monday.com account.

2. Click on your avatar (picture icon) in the bottom left corner.

3. Select Admin from the resulting menu (this requires you to have admin permissions).

4. Go to the API section.

5. Generate a “API v2 Token”.

6. Copy your token. (Ensure that there are no trailing/leading spaces.)

1. Once the Authorise buttons turn Revoke, Click Next.

Map Module

1. Choose modules in Zoho CRM and Boards in Monday.com to initiate the sync.

2. Choose sync type by selecting one of the arrow buttons (one-way/Two-way).

Map Fields

1. Choose Monday.com fields to be mapped with Zoho CRM.

2. Mandatory fields need to be mapped to initiate the Sync.

Sync Settings

1. Choose master service so that OSync can sync master data in case of conflicts.

2. Auto sync cycle scheduled every 60 minutes and you are all set to start the sync.

Sync Health Report

1. Sync health report will be generated for every cycle. Auto sync can be paused manually.

2. If you need to intervene an auto sync cycle, Click Force Sync to trigger the sync manually.

Supported Column types in Osync

  • Most of monday.com columns, such as TextLong Text,Date, Email, Link, Phone, Number and Checkbox, can be synced using Osync. You can map these columns when configuring the sync! For Number column type Osync supports only integer type values and for float values mapping you can use text columns.
  • Pre-requisite - Any Zoho CRM field that is mapped with the Monday.com's Name field cannot be null and should be having some values for the record to sync.