for Zoho Mail


Seamlessly integrates items with Zoho Mail.

Add/Update items:

Update the status, assignee, and popular columns from the Zoho Mail Interface

Preview items:

Clean view of items in the
Email Preview

Clear view:

Option to view all boards and items from

Setting Up & Authorize

1. Install the plugin from Zoho Desk Marketplace listings

2. Click on Authenticate and Enter the APIKey

3. Check the Account Details Checkbox

Add Item in Boards

1. Option to create a new item In Zoho Mail preview page. 
2. Select the Board & Group in which the item should be saved. 
3. Subject will auto populate as an Item name, change it if needed. 
4. By checking “Post Email content as Update”, the mail content will be added as Update in item.

Single Item view

1. Added item’s Column and updates will be listed as below. Can update almost all columns on clicking the value of it. Updates header list all the updates for this item.

Board’s view

1. List of boards, click on board to get item list.

2. Click on the particular item to get in depth data of the item.

All set go, Explore integration and contact us For any support :