Zoho CRM - ChartMogul Integration


Links Zoho CRM Contacts and ChartMogul Customers with unique email addresses

Add/Update Representatives:

Creates or Updates the custom attribute Sales_Representative_Email and Sales_Representative_Name in ChartMogul when Deal Owner is ClosedWon in Zoho CRM

Easy to Use:

Effortless and efficient

Custom Attribut Support:

Custom attributes can be used as filters in ChartMogul

Setting Up

1. Install the plugin from Zoho CRM Marketplace listings

2. Accept the Terms of Service and authorize integration to access and process datail.


1. Provide AccountToken and SecretKey to authorize the ChartMogul account.

2. Save and complete the installation.

Zoho CRM - Deals

1. Contact's email id is linked to ChartMogul customer email id (both should be the same).

2. In the Zoho CRM Deal module, whenever the Stage is changed to “closed won”, the Deal Owner details will be sent on real-time to ChartMogul.

ChartMogul - Customers

1. Looks for the custom attributes Sales_Representative_Name and Sales_Representative_Email in ChartMogul and updates with
Zoho CRM data

2. If does not exist, creates the custom attributes with Zoho CRM data in ChartMogul.