Zoho CRM - ActiveCampaign Integration


Access Active Campaign Contacts and Deals, Organisations

Increase opportunities:

Create a New opportunity from a Leads and Contacts

Grow your contacts 
‚Äčand Deals:

Create a New Contact and Deals from a Leads and Contacts

Intersted ? contact for Early access help@oapps.xyz


Default Contact and Deals mapping

Setting Up

1. Install the plugin from Zoho CRM Marketplace listings

2. Accept the Terms of Service and authorize integration to access and process datail.


1. Provide Domain and SecretKey to authorize the ActiveCampaign account.

2. Save and complete the installation.

Leads / Contacts module

1. ActiveCampaign button will be actionable in List View Page/Detail View Page Leads/Contacts module

Add Deal Button

1. Click Add Deal button(+) a new Deal form, from a Zoho CRM contact view.

Add Deal

1. Create a new Deal from a Zoho CRM contact view.
2. If have data, auto added to Deal form.
3. Click add button, to save ActiveCampaign contact Deals.

Access ActiveCampaign contact Deals

1. Access ActiveCampaign Deals, organisations in Zoho CRM contact view.