Active Campaign  for Zoho Desk


Access Active Campaign Contacts, Organisations

Increase opportunities:

Create a New opportunity from a ticket

Grow your contacts:

Create a New contact from a ticket


Default contact mapping

Setting Up 

1. Choose Department

2. Choose the Profile to access

3. Agree Terms and conditions 

 Click Install

Authorize Zoho Desk Service

1. API key :  A support agent can get the API key from the Active Campaign portal.

    - Click your profile from the top right drop down menu.

    - Select “User settings”

    - Go to API Key.

    - Copy the API key

2. Paste it into the Active Campaign app and it is good to go.

Access Active Campaign contacts

1. Access Active Campaign contacts, organisations in Zoho Desk ticket view.

Add Contact Button

1. Click Add Data button a new contact form, from a Zoho Desk ticket view.

Add Contact

1. Create a new contact from a Zoho Desk ticket view.
2. If have data, auto added to contact form.
3. Click submit button, to save Active Campaign people.